Thursday, February 2, 2012


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  1. For some reason my post didn't work so I will just put it down here in the comments!

    Just scared the pee (literally) out of my dog and just plain scared the other one. Patches came walking up to me with a toy for me to throw and I noticed a black spot on his back. I then realized that it was a spider!!! I started yelling for him to get away from me (HUGE fear of spiders here!) as I walked around to the back of the couch. I put one shoe on my foot and grabbed the other one as a defense device. I trapped him (and Rusty cuz he was afraid of the mad man coming at them with a shoe) and I smacked the spider off Patches' back and stomped on it! Both of the dogs looked at me like I was nuts, and I was because of that fear of spiders. Oh what a morning! Just had lunch along with homemade honey mustard (it was so yummy) and now I am gonna go lay in bed and watch a little tv with my boys. Lets just hope the rest of the spiders stay outside. I'm ok with them playing out in the snow and freezing to death!